Newly built traditional wooden clinker rowing boat

Built from larch, oak and mahogany.

This traditional clinker built rowing boat has just been built and hasn't even touched the water yet.

Traditional copper riveted hull  – cooper clenched over roves

Length 10ft (305cm)
Beam (width) 4ft (122cm)
Board depth 20 inches (45cm)
Structure: Oak with larch gunnels
Hull: mahogany
Bottom boards: mahogany and elm
Hull finish: external varnished – internal white paint
Rowlocks and oars supplied

Built by renowned Lyme Regis seafarer and boatbuilder Roy Gollop.

Roy Gollop is a member of one of Lyme’s oldest seafaring families. He began his maritime career as an apprentice boatbuilder in 1946 before enlisting in the Royal Marines, where he was responsible for landing craft operations before becoming senior instructor of seamanship. He returned to Lyme Regis and managed the family fishing business for several years until he ‘finally reopened the toolbox’ to build clinker dinghies and working boats for local people.

Now in his 80s, Roy continues to make boats. He is a visiting instructor and mentor at the Lyme Regis Boat Building Academy and the National Maritime Museum in Cornwall, where he passes on his extensive skills and knowledge to a new generation, preserving the art of traditional boat building for generations to come.

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Collection only from Lyme Regis - Dorset.

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